July 06, 2015

Build a Raspberry Pi-based Internet Monitor

Is your internet connection somewhat flaky? Drops in and out at the whim of the weather? Then the following project by Instructables member talk2bruce solves the problem. They've documented a neat internet monitor based around a Raspberry Pi - which continually pings an external site on a regular basis.

Based on the result of the ping test, the three-colour lamp indicates the status of the conection... green for OK, yellow for successful pings up to 50% of the time, and red for no connection.

The code is written in python and documented for the beginner - and the design files for the laser-cut enclosure are also provided so you can reproduce the nifty case shown above. Finally the addition of a shutdown button for the Raspberry Pi inside the enclosure removes the need to abruptly power down the Pi.

For complete details to make your own, head over to the project's Instructable page.  And for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you're looking for a neat way to add external circuitry to your Raspberry Pi model A+, B+ or 2 model B then check out our new PiBreak Plus Raspberry Pi Prototyping Board:

This is a great way to add your own electronic components, circuitry, sensors or other devices to your Raspberry Pi model A+, B+ or 2 Model B - any of the current Raspberry Pis with a 40 pin GPIO header. The PiBreak Plus also includes a GPIO female header to solder yourself, and a pair of nuts, bolts, washers and spacers to ensure a a great fit.

And in the Freetronics fashion we've used a quality gold-plated (ENIG) PCB for durability, brought out all the power rails along with the GPIO next to the prototyping area to make adding circuits a breeze. Furthermore the pinouts are labelled on both the top and bottom of the PCB to save time referencing the right GPIO pins. For more information and to order - visit the PiBreak plus page now!

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