June 29, 2015

Easily control DC and stepper motors with the HBRIDGE Shield

We frequently receive requests for helping people use motors with their Freetronics Eleven or other Arduino-compatible board - and the solution is usually our Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield. It's quick and we also have a neat tutorial with some demonstration code that shows how to use both DC motors or a stepper motor.

Taking this explanation one step further is Mr Hobbyelectronics, whose latest video is an introduction to the Freetronics Dual Channel H-Bridge Motor Driver Shield and shows us how easy it is to control DC or stepper motors in no time at all. Check out the following video to learn more:

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If you're looking into starting with Arduino and robotics, such as controlling a stepper motor (or DC motors) from your Arduino or compatible, check out our HBRIDGE: DC/stepper motor shield.

Based around the powerful Allegro A4954 H-bridge driver IC you can control two DC motors with complete ease, or one bipolar stepper motor. With connections for external power management, a complete beginners' guide and documentation - motor control couldn't be any easier. For more information and to order, visit the HBRIDGE: page.

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