May 29, 2015

Mr HobbyElectronics reviews the Freetronics USB LiPo Charger

Now and again we see our products "out in the wild", and another example has been reviewed by a popular video blogger My Hobbyelectronics - who demonstrates how easy it is to set up and safely charge LiPo batteries with our USB LiPo charger.

His tutorial explains how to charge a single-cell 3.7V LiPo, including setting the charging rate and in this example Nick has fitted a DC plug and socket, however the USB LiPo also has space on the PCB for a JST socket. Review the following video to see this in action:

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As shown in the video above, if you're looking for a compact USB charger for your LiPo batteries then check out our USB LiPo charger module:

It's the convenient smart charger for 3.7V cells: just plug in your cell and a USB power source such as a mobile phone charger or computer, and you're done. And it includes a smart LiPo management chip that regulates the charge rate and detects when the cell is charged. Maximum charge rate current limit can be set using solder jumpers to suit your particular LiPo cell. For more details and to order, visit the module home page

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