December 16, 2010

Matt Hodge's very cool KitTen derivative

With release of our forthcoming KitTen (TwentyTen Arduino-compatible board in kit form) being delayed, Matt Hodge became a little impatient and decided to fabricate his own. The result is very impressive and uses a PCB that he etched at home that implements the same circuit as the KitTen, but with a few minor changes to accommodate the limitations of routing the circuit on a single-sided PCB:

Great work, Matt!

Matt calls it the "KitTen Clone v1.0", but I prefer to call it a "derivative". To me the term "clone" implies that it's a blind copy of something that's more akin to "counterfeit", but what Matt has done is far more than just copying a design. He's taken the KitTen design as inspiration and changed it to suit his own requirements, which is what the creative / collaborative process of Open Hardware is all about.

Matt, you're a champion. Your project gets two thumbs up from us!

Read more about Matt's project on the Little Bird blog:

Oh, and for those waiting impatiently for the KitTen who don't want to go to as much trouble as Matt did: it'll be available for purchase as soon as stock of one final remaining part (the right-angle header for the USB connection) arrives.

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