March 24, 2015

NEW PRODUCT - Freetronics N-Drive Shield for Arduino

If you need to control a higher voltage or current from your Arduino or compatible board - you can use our N-MOSFET module which can switch up to 60V at 20A. However what if you need a few at once? We now have the solution with our new N-Drive shield for Arduino:

The Freetronics N-Drive shield for Arduino gives you the power to control up to six separate high-power loads - such as high-intensity LEDs, lamps, motors, and relays. The N-Drive shield incorporates six N-channel MOSFETs, each capable of switching up to 60V DC at 20 Amps. That's enough to drive massive loads such as 30W and 60W RGB LEDs capable of burning your eyeballs right out of year head!

Each MOSFET is connected to an Arduino pin with PWM capability, so you can vary the power delivered to each load individually. The N-Drive shield for Arduino is easy to use and fully-assembled with terminal blocks so no soldering is required to access the MOSFETS. And the shield is available right now from our online store for only $19 including GST.

For more information about our new N-Drive shield for Arduino, open-source design files for your perusal and more - visit the product pageAnd to keep up with new products, news and more - follow us on facebook, twitter and Google+.

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