March 04, 2015

Build your own functional "Sonic Screwdriver"

Electronics enthusiasts who are also "Dr Who" fans will love this new project by Instructables member Honus who has created their own version of the Time Lord's sonic screwdriver based around an Arduino-compatible and some excellent handiwork.

And apart from looking great, the screwdriver is also quite interactive - and apart from various lighting effects it can also log temperature and humidity to a microSD card inside the unit itself.

This is a great project, and well worth investigating from the Instructable page. And for more, we're on facebook, twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

Looking for a small Arduino-compatible board to embed in various projects? Then consider the Freetronics LeoStick - It's the Arduino Leonardo-compatible board that's cheaper and smaller than the original:

 Apart from being one of the smallest Arduino-compatibles on the market with USB, it also has an onboard RGB LED and piezo which can be used a knock sensor and various tune and sound effects. Plus you can add extra circuitry with the matching protostick! For more information and to order, click here.

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