February 13, 2015

NEW! ESP-01 WiFi Module Shield

In the last few months the ESP8266 series of WiFi SoC (System on a Chip) has exploded into the electronics market, thanks to the low cost and relative ease-of-use. The ESP8266 allows you to easily add a serial-based WiFi device to almost any platform - and this includes Arduino-compatibles such as our Eleven and others.

However the pinouts on the ESP-01 version of the module have been somewhat unruly for use - so we've come up with a conveinent new shield for Arduino that allows plug and play use of the ESP8266 in minutes - the Freetronics ESP-01 WiFi Module Shield:

Our new shield has a socket that's perfect for the ESP-01 module, and addresses all the needs of the ESP8266 - such as:

  • 3.3V regulator dedicated to the module to ensure sufficient current capacity
  • Logic level shifters on TX/RX lines: compatible with both 3.3V and 5V Arduino models
  • Selectable TX/RX pins: use D0/D1 for hardware serial, or D2 - D7 for software serial
  • CH_PD pin on ESP-01 module pre-biased for correct operation mode
  • Extra ESP-01 pins broken out for your own connections
  • Prototyping area with 5V and GND rails
  • All Arduino headers broken out for easy connections
  • Stacking R3-style Arduino headers including the ICSP header

So don't fiddle with jumper wires or sub-standard power supplies - order your the Freetronics ESP-01 WiFi Module Shield today. They're in stock right now for only $14 including GST.

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mike said:

Looks like a great product. Will you be stocking the esp-01 wifi modules as well? Can’t wait to see the how-to guide for this product.


John said:

Not at the moment. The guide will be coming shortly.

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