January 23, 2015

"Autohome" - a web-based GUI for Arduino-powered Home Automation

The Arduino platform lends itself well to getting into the world of home automation (check our SuperHouse.tv) and many enthusiasts have created their own systems. However one home system by Arduino forum member OhmMega is of interest due to the controls and possibilities.

This system can act as an intelligent thermostat control, taking temperature and himidity reading from various sensors - and controls a furnace and HVAC to keep the users' climate in check. Furthermore lighting and other devices can be controlled without much effort. The system has a web-based interface and also a mobile page for use with a smartphone.

An external server is used, based on php/MySQL with a client-server http communication protocol, and takes care of communication between the end user and Arduino-based hardware which acts as a clint with its own login to the server. All this adds up to a great system that's ripe for modification.

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