May 13, 2010

The TwentyTen ("Duemiladieci") has arrived

The first production run of the Freetronics TwentyTen is complete and we're in the process of getting stock over to our resellers Little Bird Electronics and Toys Down Under as quickly as we can. In the meantime feast your eyes on this little beauty:

The TwentyTen has been specifically designed to be a successor to the Arduino Duemilanove ("2009") design, and maintains all the great things about the Duemilanove while applying a few fixes and improvements. There's plenty more information on the TwentyTen page, but some of the highlights are:

  • USB port switched to mini-B connector. No more problems with shorting out against shields! We even bundle in a free mini USB cable.
  • Prototyping area so you can use the TwentyTen in many permanent projects without requiring a prototyping shield.
  • LEDs brought out onto the edge tab so you can see them when a shield is mounted on top.
  • PCB markings on the top and the bottom so you can easily see what you're connecting to.
  • Retained the DIP-format MCU so you can unplug it.
  • Bit-bang programming headers (marked "X3") as header pads for maximum convenience when using the TwentyTen as an AVR programmer.
  • Pin 13 LED is driven by a MOSFET so you can use it as a digital input.

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