December 24, 2014

Building A Raspberry Pi B+ Into A Vintage Apple Extended Keyboard

There are some older technology items that are no longer available but still greatly coveted, and one of those is a good keyboard. Some of us still enjoy the classic IBM Model M mechanicals and those in the Apple ecosystem still consider the "Saratoga" Apple extended keyboard as the best around. 

However thanks to the older Apple Desktop Bus interface, these cannot easily be used with other computers without some modification. However it can be done and one example has been documented by Ezra Hilyer who mounts a Raspberry Pi model B+ inside the Apple Keyboard. There's plenty of space inside the keyboard enclosure for the electronics, and with the addition of a USB to ADB converted based on an small Arduino-compatible board the entire system fits nicely. 

For complete details on how to reproduce your own version, visit Ezra's interesting website. And for more, we're on facebook, twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you're looking for a neat display for a Raspberry Pi, check out our 128x128 pixel OLED Module. With a diagonal size of 1.5" and 16,384 colours to select from, so almost anything is possible.

Furthermore there's a microSD card socket, and removable tabs on each side which can hold LEDs and buttons:

And using the module is made simple - we have tutorials and drivers for both the Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms - great for experimenters or those who use both systems.

Furthermore, check out the forum where members are already creating modified drivers to rapidly increase the display speed. For more information including our Quickstart guides - and of course to order - visit the OLED Module product page.

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