November 10, 2014

Make an Arduino Mega shield for research and testing

Over time you may have gathered one or more Arduino and compatible boards, and find yourself wondering if they have completely survived your efforts and projects without any damage. One method of doing this is to test every single I/O pin, ADC... well you get the idea.

This ideas has been converted into a board by Carsten Tonn who has made a shield-type board which can run through every possible function to test an Arduino or compatible board. Furthermore it's great for testing sketches, for example you can use the LEDs to test output status and so on., 

This would also be good for a hackerspace or other environemnt where boards are lent out or otherwise used by others - the group can quickly isolate faulty boards. Either way, check out the project page for more information. 

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When working on your own projects based on an Arduino Mega or EtherMega that require external circuitry or wiring - and you're not up for making a PCB - consider using a Freetronics Protoshield Mega. It includes the male header pins and a reset button to fit, and is also a little shorter to allow space for the RJ45 socket on an EtherMega. For more information and to order, visit the product page

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