October 13, 2014

Now available - Freetronics CNCPlotter Stepper Motor Controller

Originally designed for the Arduino mini-conference that ran along with the 2013 Linux Conference, we're now making this useful motor controller available for general sale. With the CNCPlotter and some simple woodwork you can make your own CNC (for "computer numerical control") device - such as a motorised router, engeaver, cutter or drawing machine:

Furthermore at the CNCPlotter is an Arduino-compatible device, so the CNCPlotter is a fantastic general purpose board for any project that uses stepper motors. You can use it as the brain of your next robotics project! A quick demonstration of the HackCNC at work in drawing mode can be seen in the following video:

With the large 20 x 4 character LCD, microSD card socket, touch-screen interface and onboard motor controllers, the CNCPlotter offers you all sorts of interface and motor control options in a compact design.

It's fully assembled and ready to work - you can find out more about the orginal CNC design from the project github page, and for all the details on the CNCPlotter and to order, visit the product page.

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