October 11, 2014

Upgrading an original Game Boy with Raspberry Pi

As one of the first hand-held gaming units of note, the Nintendo Game Boy was incredibly popular and entertained millions of people from the early 1990s. However as technology marches on it was swept by the wayside thanks to other mobile gaming platforms. However they can find a new life, and one example has been created by Instructables member TimG1967 who rebooted his with a Raspberry Pi.

This is an interesting project, as the creator has not only managed to squeeze in a Raspberry Pi model A, a colour LCD and rechargeable battery - he's stayed true with the orginial controls and indicators. That is the cross pad direction buttons, A, B, select and start are all used along with the analogue volume control and indicator LEDs. With the addition of some emulation software, classic games can be played in modern colour with the neat hack.

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