September 11, 2014

Windows Phone 8 communicating with Arduino using Bluetooth

If you're using a Windows Phone 8 device the world of mobile to Arduino communication is still possible, and thanks to the tutorial by Marcos Pereira. He demonstrates how to build a serial data connection between an Arduino and a Windows Phone 8 device, and demonstrates some simple automation,

Those of you who are coding for WP8 won't have any problems at all, and Marcos has done a great job in explaining what's necessary. The example works well and is demonstrated in the following video:

For a complete explanation including code for both platforms, visit the Nokia developer website. And for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well.

As part of the Arduino and Bluetooth experience you'll need a Bluetooth device for your Arduino projects, and to meet this need we've released our new Freetronics Bluetooth Shield:


We've made it simple to use - the Bluetooth Shield acts as a serial link between the other Bluetooth device. Furthermore there's a wide range of jumpers allowing you to select which digital pins to use for data transfer, increasing compatibility with other shields. And with our Quick Start guide it's easier than ever.

Our Bluetooth Shield for Arduino is now in stock and ready to ship, so for more information and to order - visit the shield's product page.

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