August 12, 2014

An Arduino-powered 3D virtual touch screen

Now and again we stumble across a fascinating project or demonstration, and this week we'd like to share what enthusiast Anatoly Kuzmenko has demonstrated. In his latest blog post Anatoly shows his virtual 3D touch screen that uses a group of ultrasonic distance sensors to determine the position of an object in nearby space.

The system uses an Arduino Due due as a higher refresh rate is required than can be offered by the typical Arduino and compatible boards. However the investment is worthwhile as the distance measurement has a resolution 12 um (micro-metres). A demonstration is shown in the following video:

Although Anatoly hasn't shared the code for the system, it's an interesting project to keep an eye on - so visit his interesting website to keep up to date. And for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

Looking for an Arduino Due-compatible board with more connectivity possibilities and options than the original? Then check out our new EtherDue board:

It's the Arduino Due-compatible board with the Freetronics additions including Ethernet network connectivity, MAC address chip, microSD storage, optional PoE, upgraded power supply and more - while retaining the simplicity and ease of the Arduino IDE (with 100% compatibility). And you still have a full USB interface for uploading sketches and direct programming. For more information on this powerful board, check out the EtherDue product page

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