August 12, 2014

Build an Arduino-powered "Pixel Drop" Ceiling

In what could be described as a throw-back to the discoteques of the 1970s, Instructables member hockeyman271 has solved a problem and also added an interesting highlight to their room by covering some unpleasant ceiling area with a grid of opaque tiles hiding a range of RGB LEDs.

And with a Bluetooth-enabled Arduino board and some PC software, the lights can be used as simple illumination right through to colour and blinking changes that can match a music track. It would be great for parties or just setting the mood, and a quick demonstration is shown in the following video:

A great addition to the room and also a lot of fun. You can find complete details from the project Instructable page. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

If you're looking to make your own colourful LED-based project, consider our Freetronics RGBLED: full colour module. It includes a bright RGB LED on the top of the board and a WS2801 constant-current, addressable, multi-channel LED driver on the back. This smart module can be daisy-chained, so you can connect a number of these together in a string and drive each of the module colours individually from your microcontroller. For more information and to order, visit the product page.


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