June 26, 2014

Controlling AC power outlets with lasers

There are many forms of remote control methods, including infra-red, RF wireless data, thowing a tennis ball at a switch and so on - but the following project is the first time we've seen it done with lasers. Yes - Instructables member XicoMBD has described a method that uses an Arduino compatible circuit to measure the values from a light sensor - and when there's a large chnage in the value (from having a laser pointed at the sensor), the state of a relay is changed and thus a remote control with a difference is born.

It's a novel and potentially dangerous method but different all the same. To minimise the mains-related wiring the creator has hacked into an outlet with circuitry to control the mains-rated relay (from a wireless RF outlet) however an Arduino can also control a relay directly with the appropriate circuitry. For a fun demonstration of the system check out the following video:

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