May 02, 2014

An Arduino video game for the neighbourhood

In order to entertain members of the public who passed by his store front, Arduino enthusiast Kris Temmerman created a fun arcade-style game that almost anyone could play. Based around a pair of Arduino Due boards, one of which is used for the user-interface - and the other for the display - a passable retro-style gaming system was born. The display is also incredibly clever - using sixteen strips of ninety RGB LEDs to form enough detail for the game. For a quick demonstration, check out the following video:

This is a great example of what can be done with the more powerful Due-format development boards - and complete details can be found on Kris' websiteAnd for more, we're on facebookGoogle+, and twitter - so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

Looking for an Arduino Due-compatible board with more connectivity possibilities and options than the original? Then check out our new EtherDue board:

It's the Arduino Due-compatible board with the Freetronics additions including Ethernet network connectivity, MAC address chip, microSD storage, optional PoE, upgraded power supply and more - while retaining the simplicity and ease of the Arduino IDE (with 100% compatibility). And you still have a full USB interface for uploading sketches and direct programming. For more information on this powerful board, check out the EtherDue product page

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