March 12, 2014

Water drop photography made simple with Arduino

Photographing water drops in various liquids is a fun and creative thing to do, however getting the exposure at just the right time can often be a challenge. Enthusiast Justin Barkby considered this an opportunity to solve the problem using an Arduino, and has published a neat guide on doing it yourself.

With an Arduino controlling the size of a water drop via a water solenoid, the amount of time between drops and the camera shutter - it doesn't take long to get the desired image, such as the example shown below:

Reproducing this yoruself is easy, and Justin has provided the schematic and Arduino sketch to make it possible - so log in to the Arduino forum for more discussion and to download his guide. 

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messenger said:

I would like to know if the Arduino Water Drop System from Justin Barkby is at a stand still or is it going forward. I’ve already downloaded his PDF.


John said:

You would need to ask Justin that.


Justin Barkby said:

Cool thanks for the little write up. I did wander off and design other things but can come back and make a more simple version if needed.

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