February 25, 2014

"FLUX 1440" - the rope-display clock

Arduino-controlled clocks come in many forms, with an incredible amount of display types used. However this next example called "FLUX 1440" by Felix pioneer shows a sense of originality unseen for quite some time. His clock uses a very long piece of white rope - with black marks strategically placed along its length. The rope is wound around a series of loops and rows are held close together - thus when the rope is in the right position, numbers can be display in a dot-matrix format - for example:

The clock's creator, Felix notes that:

FLUX 1440 is the time a spatial dimension and makes the length of a day in the form of long ribbon experienced. The viewer the length of each minute addition also feels physically, where he waits again shapes the current time from the chaos of the markings.

This is demonstrated towards the end of the following video:

For more information about this clock, and some inspiration - visit the project website. (Opens in Google Translate). And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

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