February 05, 2014

Arduino support now available for Matlab Simulink

Academics, researchers, professionals and students may often come across the need to use Matlab Simulink software - the tool which

... provides a graphical editor, customizable block libraries, and solvers for modeling and simulating dynamic systems. It is integrated with MATLAB®, enabling you to incorporate MATLAB algorithms into models and export simulation results to MATLAB for further analysis.

Then Simulink user will be able to design algorithms for control systems, robotics, audio  processing, and computer vision applications and see them perform with hardware. A quick setup and demonstration of this process is shown in the following video:

For more information and instructions on this Arduino-Simulink integration, visit the Mathworks support pageAnd for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

If you're interested in experimenting with Arduino and simulation with the Matlab Simulink software for your own inventions - order one of our Experimenter's Kit for Arduino: 

The package includes a wide variety of parts, sensors and modules including: a servo motor, lights, buttons, switches, sound, sensors, breadboard, wires and more. Furthermore a Freetronics Eleven Arduino-compatible board is included to make this an extensive hobby experimenter, inventor and starter kit. 

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