November 12, 2013

PET - an emotional robot

Once again Jaidyn Edwards has created an interesting robot that is not only easy to make, but has a personality all of its own. His "PET" robot is in the words of the creator:

... an experimental platform for programming 'emotional and behavioural' responses according to its surrounding environment. It comes as a result of boredom to the standard obstacle avoiders and my interest in bringing more ‘life’ to my creations

By using light, sound and distance sensors the PET can change its behaviours - for example if the environment is too loud it will use the light sensor to find areas of darkness, then hide for a period of time until the noise level drops.

The PET is an interesting experiment that takes robot-environment interactivity to a higher level at a very low cost. Jaidyn explains the PET in more detail via the following video:

For more information on how to make the robot, visit the PET project page. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well.

When making the PET robot, Jaidyn used our TEMT6000 light sensor module and MIC: sound module, two modules from our increasing range of sensors, including accelerometerstemperature,humiditylightsoundknockIR temperature and more - with many more platforms than just Arduino. So check out our wide range of Freetronics modules today. 

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