StepDuino Stepper Motor Controller

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The StepDuino is a complete, self-contained Arduino-compatible board with 2 onboard stepper motor drivers, 2 servo outputs, a 20x4 LCD, a micro SD card slot, and more!

It's a fantastic general purpose board for any project that uses stepper motors. You can use it as the brain of your next robotics project!

The StepDuino uses the same processor architecture as the common Arduino Uno, so you can program it right from the Arduino IDE simply by selecting "Arduino Uno" as the board type. Everything simply works out of the box, just as it would with a regular Arduino - but now you can also drive steppers directly and display feedback on the huge LCD.


  • ATmega328P MCU running the Arduino bootloader
  • ATmega16u2 MCU for USB-serial connection
  • 2 x stepper motor controllers suitable for 4-wire bipolar steppers
  • 2 x servo controller outputs
  • 20x4 LCD
  • Breakouts for I2C, UART, and analog / digital pins: perfect for limit switch connections or additional sensors
  • Breakouts for touchscreen connection (not included)
  • Micro USB socket for programming - even comes with a micro USB cable included in the box!
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Switchmode power supply
  • Program it using the Arduino IDE


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