MAC Address Module

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Assign a unique MAC address to your network-connected projects using our MAC Address Module. This module is an easy to use breakout for the Microchip 24AA025E48 MAC address ROM, which has an I2C interface and comes pre-programmed with a unique MAC address.

It's the same ROM that we include in our Ethernet-enabled boards such as the EtherMega and EtherTen.

Ideal if you build multiple IoT devices, because it allows you to run the same sketch on all your devices and have them use a unique client ID for things like connecting to an MQTT broker, Ethernet, etc.


  • Microchip 24AA025E48 MAC address ROM
  • I2C interface
  • 1.7V - 5.5V operating voltage range
  • I2C pullup resistors which can be disabled with a cut-track jumper


  • MACMOD (343)

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