Light Sensor Module


Does the fridge light really turn off? Now you can find out!

This tiny light-sensor module uses the very-reliable TEMT6000 light sensor, which gives consistent and repeatable readings even between different units - unlike cheapie light-dependent resistors, which can vary dramatically in their sensitivity.

Click here for our quick link to the tutorial and getting started guide on this module. 

Adapted to the human eye response, this silicon light sensor outputs a voltage proportional to incoming light. Perfect for measuring light levels both indoors and out, security sensing, and human feedback like waving a hand over the sensor. Trivial to connect to your Arduino using an analog input, and you don't need any special drivers or libraries to use it: a simple "analogRead()" call in your sketch is all it takes.
  • +/-60° field of view
  • Supply voltage: 3.0 to 5.5VDC
  • Dimensions: 16(W) x 12(H) x 4(D)mm

The module includes mounting holes suitable for M3 or 1/8" bolts, and a flat rear face so you can easily glue it to any surface.

Available here now or at a Freetronics reseller near you.


  • LIGHT (60)