EtherDue (100% Arduino Due compatible with onboard Ethernet)

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This product has been retired. Listed here for reference only.

Oodles of ARM-based power, Ethernet network connectivity, MicroSD storage, and the simplicity and ease of the Arduino IDE (with 100% compatibility.) The EtherDue is designed to give you high performance connectivity, in an easy to program package.

Click here for the EtherDue QuickStart Guide

The EtherDue is centred around the 84MHz 32-bit Cortex M3 ARM processor, same as the Arduino Due. Many times more powerful than the 8-bit AVR processors of earlier Arduino models. Combined with a massive 96 kilobytes of RAM (12x the EtherMega) and 512 kilobytes of flash (2x the EtherMega), there's tons of rooms for the most complex programs to run. Connectivity options are plentiful too - USB device and host, two i2c buses, SPI bus, CAN bus, four hardware serial ports, and a real 12-bit Digital to Analog converter for analog voltage output.


  • 100% compatible with Arduino Due and the Arduino Ethernet Shield
  • High efficiency switchmode power supply.
  • Two micro USB connectors! The "Native" USB port allows for custom USB device and host applications, a USB 2.0 High Speed 480Mbps. The "Programming" USB port provides a totally independent USB to Serial interface.
  • D13 pin isolated with a MOSFET so you can use it as an input.
  • Optional Power-over-Ethernet support, both cheapie DIY or full 802.3af standards-compliant.
  • Ethernet activity indicators on both the PCB and the jack.
  • 10/100base-T auto-selection.
  • Reset management chip.
  • JTAG and SWD programming and debug interface connections, allowing in-circuit debugging with the correct interface.


Note that just like the Arduino Due, the EtherDue is a 3.3V device not a 5V device and is not compatible with 5V logic. If you need to interface 5V devices to EtherDue, consider our LEVEL logic level converter module.

Just like the rest of our Ethernet-enabled range (Ethernet Shield, EtherTen, EtherMega), the EtherDue provides a number of options for Power over Ethernet. You can use the supplied jumpers and feed 7-20Vdc down the wire for cheap DIY version, or you can use our PoE Regulator 802.3AF along with a proper commercial PoE injector or switch that supplies 48Vdc. It's up to you.

Available now at a Freetronics reseller near you.

Note: EtherDue v1.0 is subject to a bug where the sketch sometimes doesn't start correctly on power on. Details including repair options are here.


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