DC Geared Motor With Wheel

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DC hobby motor with a 48:1 gearbox and a 66mm wheel. Ideal for small robotics projects, such as a SimpleBot or other car type design. Easy to control using either our NDRIVE module and a PWM output from your Arduino for single-direction variable speed, or our HBridge shield for forward / reverse variable speed.

The gearbox includes a press-fit axle that allows the wheel to be mounted on either side. You can even connect the wheel on one side and a rotary encoder on the other, so that your microcontroller can count rotations and measure distance travelled.

Requires leads to be soldered to tabs on the motor.


  • Working voltage: 3-6Vdc
  • Gearbox ratio: 48:1
  • Motor size: 70x22x18mm
  • Motor weight: 50g
  • Wheel diameter: 66mm
  • Wheel weight: 12g
Voltage 3Vdc 5Vdc 6Vdc
Current 100mA 100mA 120mA
RPM 100 190 240
Reduction Rate 48:1 48:1 48:1
Car Speed (meters/minute) 20 39 48


  • WHEEL (0)