ArduSat Power Supply Module

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A fully self-contained Arduino-Uno compatible board, in CubeSat format ready to build your own satellite!

Note: battery not included due to shipping restrictions on high-power cells.


  • Support for ISS-rated 2800mA/h Li-Ion 18650 cell
  • Overcharge / overdischarge protection
  • Remove-Before-Flight and deployment interlocks
  • 2.7V-40V charge input (eg from solar array)
  • USB charge input
  • Smart charge manager chip
  • Battery fuel gauge chip
  • ATmega328P management processor
  • ATmega16u2 USB communications processor (powered down in flight)
  • Arduino R3 shield headers to fit your own expansion
  • 5V and 3.3V switchmode power supplies up to 1A each
  • Top / bottom temperature sensors (TMP102 on I2C)
  • Current sensing on DC in, USB in, 5V out, and 3.3V out

  • ASPSM (0)