ArduSat Arduino Adapter Module

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The ArduSat Arduino Adapter Module (ASAAM) lets you quickly and easily connect any regular Arduino-compatible board into a CubeSat satellite stack.

Prototyping satellite projects is typically slow and expensive. That has all changed with ArduSat, the project to put an Arduino-compatible satellite into orbit in July 2013 and to put real satellite hardware into the hands of hobbyists and students around the world. Now you can plug any handy Arduino straight into the ASAAM, fit the ASAAM into a CubeSat-format satellite stack with other modules, and begin your prototyping right on your desk. Connect up your Arduino via USB just as you normally would, launch the Arduino IDE, and in minutes you're working with your own CubeSat-standard compliant satellite stack.


  • Gold plated PCB surface for maximum durability
  • Conforms to CubeSat mechanical standards for dimensions and mounting
  • Breakouts for R3-style Arduino headers (also compatible with R2 Arduinos)
  • CubeSat Bus stackable headers
  • Breakouts for all CubeSat Bus connections
  • Plenty of prototyping area
  • Isolation jumpers to link or isolate Arduino power and CubeSat Bus power
  • 5V and 3.3V power indicator LEDs
  • Reset button to reset the mounted Arduino
  • Handy 5V, 3.3V, and GND rails
  • Physical clearance for Arduino-compatible boards with large connectors, such as the EtherTen


  • Dimensions: 95.45mm x 90.3mm
  • PCB material: FR4 fibreglass (requires out-gassing before vacuum use)
  • PCB connections: ENIG (electroless nickel immersion gold)
  • Bare PCB mass: 25 grams
  • CubeSat Bus connector mass (pair): 15 grams
  • Total assembled mass including solder and connectors: 44 grams


  • ASAAM (0)