ArduPhone Arduino Compatible Cellphone

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This version has been discontinued because the 2G GSM phone network has been shut down in most countries

Build your own cellphone! Based on the ATmega1284P, ArduPhone lets you build mobile phone functionality into your Arduino projects or even to use as your own phone. Customise the firmware using the Arduino IDE, write your own games to use the 128x128 pixel OLED screen, send and receive SMSs, access web services, log data and upload it to a web service, place and answer voice calls manually or automatically - the sky is the limit.


  • ATmega1284P MCU running at 8MHz on 3.3V
  • ADH8066 GSM module with SIM card holder
  • Micro SD slot
  • 16-key matrix keypad
  • Built-in LiPo charger (LiPo sold separately)
  • Charge from USB
  • Onboard microphone with connections for external microphone and speaker / earpiece


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