Addressable Triple N-MOSFET driver / output module

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Addressable LEDs such as FreePixels are great for chaining a bunch of LEDs together and driving them with a single data pin from your microcontroller. Now you can drive high-power loads the same way!

This high-power triple N-MOSFET module includes a built-in WS2811 addressable driver IC, which is the same chip that's built in to common addressable RGB LED strip and modules. So now you can have addressable MOSFETs! Best of all, it's fully compatible with the software that you already use to control addressable LEDs. Just connect up your Arduino, load one of the example sketches from the NeoPixel or FastLED libraries, and you're good to go.


Works brilliantly for automotive and display projects such as switching high-power 12V lights and high wattage LEDs. With this triple-FET version you can control 3 LEDs from one module, or a high-power RGB LED.


  • Requires just one data pin to control dozens of modules
  • Maximum 60V / 18A switched load per channel
  • Large connection headers for high-current wiring on Drain and Source
  • Built-in WS2811 addressable driver IC
  • Compatible with the FastLED and NeoPixel libraries
  • Drive directly from an Arduino digital output
  • Dimensions: 36(W) x 18(H) x 5(D)mm

For a similar product but with a single N-MOSFET, see the Addressable N-MOSFET Module.

For a set of MOSFETs in a handy Arduino shield format, see the N-Drive Shield.


  • FREENFET3 (0)