Early LeoSticks model LeoSticks came with a V1.0 bootloader, which was based on the Arduino Leonardo beta firmware. More recent models have a V2.0 bootloader which is based on the current Arduino Leonardo firmware.

Not sure which version you have? The Getting Started page shows how to tell.

Why Upgrade to V2.0? 

Updating a V1.0 to the V2.0 bootloader gives you access to Arduino Leonardo features that weren't available when V1.0 was released:

  • Support for Arduino IDE V1.6.0 and newer future versions.
  • Full USB HID support (mouse and keyboard.)
  • 6 PWM pins rather than 5.
  • Full use of the tone() function.
  • External pin interrupt support via the AttachInterrupt() function.
  • Bug fixes from more recent Arduino releases.

What You Need

To update you will need an external programmer (like the AVR-ISP, STK500, USBasp, USBtinyISP, etc.) supported by the Arduino IDE. It is possible to use an Arduino-compatible board, including another LeoStick or a Freetronics Eleven, as the external programmer.

You will also need the latest LeoStick board profile downloaded and installed. 

How to upgrade

  • Remove the LeoStick from the computer.
  • Connect the six pin ICSP header on the LeoStick to the external programmer.
  • In the Arduino IDE: choose Tools -> Board -> Freetronics LeoStick V2.0.
  • Choose your programmer type from the list under Tools -> Programmer.
  • Choose your programmer serial port if necessary (not necessary for USBasp or USBtinyISP.)
  • Select Tools -> Burn Bootloader

Burning the bootloader will take a minute or two, status is shown in the bottom half of the Arduino IDE window. Once burning is complete, disconnect the programmer and plug the LeoStick back in. You should see the "fast breathing" red LED that indicates the V2.0 Caterina bootloader.

Congratulations, your LeoStick is now V2.0!