Every 100th order we ship is totally free! You never know when it’ll happen, so you could be a winner on your very next order.

It could just be an order for a single USB cable, or it could be for a box full of Elevens. It doesn’t matter. It’s just luck depending on when your order is placed, and if the order happens to be an even multiple of 100 you will receive it absolutely free.
Please note that the web order number (eg. #2468) is not the real order number, because discarded carts and orders increment that number without being a real order.

There are some simple rules:

  • Retail orders only. Free orders don’t apply to resellers.
  • Value limit of AU$1000 per winning order. If your winning order is for more than AU$1000 we’ll discount it by that amount and only charge you the remainder.
  • We reserve the right to use your first name and country / state / locality for promotional purposes.

That’s it! You never know when it will strike, so next time you place an order with Freetronics you just may get lucky and have it arrive on your doorstep absolutely free.