Freetronics boards and modules are perfect for quick prototyping and one-off projects, but once you've built a working prototype you may want to take the next step and have your own custom circuit board produced.

We can help with that, too! We're the trusted engineering partner for companies all over the world, working behind the scenes to take their product ideas all the way from prototype to production.

With our years of experience shipping hundreds of thousands of boards all over the world, we can help you with anything from a dozen boards for a special project to tens of thousands of boards per month. If you land a big distribution deal or your Kickstarter project goes off the charts, we can help you scale up to volume production.

Our services include:

  • Prototype design and assembly
  • Circuit board design
  • Bare PCB production
  • PCB assembly
  • End-of-line testing and quality control
  • Case design
  • 3D printing of case prototypes
  • Injection moulding for volume production
  • Retail packaging
Email to discuss your project.