The 28-Pin AVR ZIF Breakout provides a convenent way to connect an AVR microcontroller to either an ICSP programmer or a USB-to-Serial converter.

  • The power selection jumper controls whether power for the MCU is taken from the USB-Serial connection or the ICSP connection. Move the jumper to the appropriate position.
  • The power LED shows when power is available to the board.
  • The USB-Serial header allows connection of a serial cable using the common FTDI 6-pin format.
  • The ICSP header allows connection of an ICSP programmer such as a USBasp.
  • The ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) socket is for your ATmega MCU.
  • The ZIF socket release lever either locks or releases the MCU.
  • The pin 1 marker shows which end of the MCU is pin 1. Usually there will be a small notch in the end of the IC at the same end as pin 1. Be very careful to place the MCU in the ZIF socket the right way around!
  • The reset button allows the MCU to be forced into a reset state.
  • The D13 LED is connected to MCU pin 19, which is port B bit 5 (PB5) and also accessed as digital pin 13 when using an ATmega MCU with Arduino software.
You can connect both a USB-to-Serial converter and an ICSP programmer at the same time, but only one will be used to supply power to the MCU depending on the position of the power selection jumper.