MobSenDat Kit (Mobile Sensor Datalogger)

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Designed by Luke Weston

This self-contained Arduino-compatible datalogger kit incorporates a variety of sensors that make it perfect for mobile sensing applications. Specifically designed for use in large rockets and high-altitude balloon projects, it allows you to transmit sensor data via long-range RadioMetrix NTX2 transmitter or via ZigBee, and also to store it on a MicroSD flash memory card for later analysis. The base kit includes the microcontroller and all core parts along with the barometric pressure sensor, temperature sensor, accelerometer, RTC, and SD card slot, which is all you need for logging all data to memory. We even include a MicroSD card ready to go.

You can then choose whether to plug in a ZigBee module or fit the NTX2 transmitter module if you need real-time transmission of data.

Features included in the base kit:

  • ATmega328P MCU running at 8MHz with Arduino bootloader.
  • DS1338 real-time clock with battery backup.
  • DS18B20 temperature sensor.
  • BMP085 barometric pressure sensor (pre-soldered to PCB)
  • ADXL315 three-axis accelerometer (pre-soldered to PCB)
  • MicroSD card holder (pre-soldered to PCB)
  • 2GB MicroSD card.
  • Header for 3.3V FTDI cable for uploading sketches.
  • Multi-footprint parts: use either through-hole or surface mount! Through-hole parts supplied in the kit.
  • Gold-plated PCB with top and bottom overlay.

Optional extras not included in the base kit, but with mounting pads and supporting parts on the PCB:

  • Mounting for optional RadioMetrix NTX2 transmitter (about $30: not supplied)
  • Mounting for optional ZigBee radio module (about $25 - $45: not supplied)
  • FSA03 GPS module (about $45: not supplied)