4x4x4 RGB LED Cube

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This stunning 3D-matrix of 64 RGB LEDs incorporates an onboard Arduino-compatible controller so you can produce mesmerising light shows controlled by software. Use it as a mood light, or create your own “ambient device” that gently notifies you of new email or instant messages!

The Cube4 is supplied as a partly-assembled kit: the controller board is fully assembled with all surface mount parts already fitted. You just need to solder in the LEDs and assemble the 3D matrix.

The Cube4 comes with a sketch pre-installed that runs through a test pattern and listens to the serial port for other commands. Once you have assembled your Cube4 you can connect to it using a serial monitor (such as the one built in to the Arduino IDE) and send simple commands to create your own patterns.

You can also upload your own sketches using the Arduino IDE and the Cube4 library, which makes it easy for you to define your own animations and displays. For example, you could display:

  • Weather conditions based on online weather service data
  • Heart beat animation driven by a heart rate monitor
  • Colour animations synthronised to music
  • The water level in a water tank
  • Whether your last software build passed or failed its tests
  • A visualisation of how much power your house is using
  • Notifications for IM and email
  • A visual count-down timer for some event


  • 4x4x4 matrix of individually addressable 8mm RGB LEDs (total 64 LEDs)
  • Simple assembly using a PCB frame
  • Onboard ATmega32u4 MCU (Arduino Leonardo compatible)
  • USB interface for uploading new sketches and sending serial commands
  • Arduino driver library with example programs
  • PCB space for optional ZigBee-compatible sockets so you can add a wireless module 
  • Prototyping area so you can add sensors
  • Breakouts for Arduino headers for sensors and communication


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