16x2 LCD Shield Kit

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This product has been replaced by the 16x2 LCD & Keypad Shield

This simple shield gives you a 16-character by 2-line display and some handy input buttons to allow you to select menu items on the screen. It's great when you want to build a stand-alone project with its own user interface that doesn't require a computer attached to send commands to your Arduino.

Works perfectly in 4-bit mode with the "LiquidCrystal" library included with the Arduino IDE, allowing you to control the LCD with a total of just 6 digital I/O lines. We've deliberately picked D4-D9 so that it doesn't interfere with pins required by other popular shields such as the Ethernet Shield, so you can stack this on top of other shields to give you a local display.

The buttons provide "left", "right", "up", "down", and "select" all while using just one analog input. That leaves the other 5 analog input lines free for you to use in your projects. If mounting the shield in an enclosure with a metal faceplate, ensure the buttons are insulated from the faceplate. 

Also includes a contrast control and backlight current limiting.


  • 16x2 LCD using HD44780-compatible display module (white characters on blue background)
  • Contrast control.
  • LCD backlight with current limiting.
  • 5 input buttons all on one analog input pin.
  • Reset button.
  • Power supply smoothing capacitor.
  • Gold-plated PCB for maximum durability.
  • Overlay printed on both the top and the bottom.
  • Pins used by shield clearly marked.


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