N-MOSFET Driver / Output Module


This high-power N-MOSFET module lets you switch high-current loads using a tiny microcontroller. Perfect for controlling that set of traffic lights mounted in your living room! Works brilliantly for automotive projects such as switching high-power 12V lights and high wattage LEDs.


  • Maximum 60V / 20A switched load
  • Multiple connection headers for high-current wiring
  • Built-in pulldown resistor to ensure output is off by default
  • Drive directly from an Arduino digital output
  • Dimensions: 23(W) x 18(H) x 5(D)mm

The module includes mounting holes suitable for M3 or 1/8" bolts.

Suitable for 3.3V or 5V control signals, including all our microcontroller development boards.

For a similar product in a handy Arduino shield format, please see the N-Drive Shield.



  • NDRIVE (11)