LIN Bus Serial Adapter Module

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This product can be purchased from SuperHouse Automation.

LIN Bus (Local Interconnect Network) is a simple serial bus that was originally developed for use in vehicle electronics, but is also used by AXA electric window motors.

This module by SuperHouse Automation allows you to connect your computer or microcontroller to a LIN Bus as the bus master, so that it can send messages to other devices on the bus and receive their responses. One side has a connector in the common "FTDI cable" format, so you can plug in a USB-to-serial converter and be ready to go. The other side has a 6P6C RJ12 connector that matches the connectors on AXA electric window motors.

This module is featured in SuperHouse Episode #22: AXA electric window motors controlled by LIN Bus and Arduino.


  • Header in standard FTDI format (supplied with separate right-angle header)
  • LIN connector with symmetrical connections (reversible cable)
  • 2.1mm DC jack to supply power to LIN Bus
  • Power status LED
  • Microchip MCP2003 driver


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