4-Channel Power-over-Ethernet Midspan Injector (Double Sided)


Power-over-Ethernet uses your LAN to send power via the network cable to whatever device you have connected at the other end, saving you the hassle of plugging the device in to both the network and to power. PoE lets you centralise your power supplies.

Home-brew PoE typically involves trimming back part of a LAN cable, separating out the relevant pairs of cable, cutting them, and soldering on a power socket so you can connect a plug-pack. That works fine, but it's ugly, fiddly, and takes time. Our 4-Channel Power-over-Ethernet Midspan Injector is the solution! Just unplug your LAN cables from your switch, plug them into the "device" ports on the injector, run short LAN cables from your switch to the "switch" ports on the injector, and plug in whatever wall-wart power supply you have handy. Done! No soldering required.

Note: this module does not provide proper, standards-compliant 802.3af PoE support. But it's a whole lot cheaper, and works with just about any home-brew PoE system.

Works great with our various Ethernet products with PoE support, including the EtherTen, EtherMega, and EtherDue.


  • 2.1mm power jack suits many common wall-wart (plug-pack) supplies. Same connector as used on Arduino.
  • Input voltage 7V to 24V, either AC or DC, any polarity. Bridge rectifier converts any input to a known-polarity DC output.
  • Output voltage is the DC version of whatever you feed into it.
  • "Power on" indicator LED.
  • Four channels: suitable for powering up to four devices.

Note: There is no power supply included because your requirements will depend on your local mains voltage depending on where you are in the world. This injector works with any wall-wart / plug-pack that provides an appropriate output voltage and has a 2.1mm DC power connection.

Alternative: This is the double sided version, with the inputs and outputs on opposite sides. There is also a single sided version which has the inputs and outputs on the same side, which may be more useful depending on how you want to mount it.


  • INJ4CH (23)