128x128 Pixel OLED Module

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Light up your Arduino and Raspberry Pi display needs with this high resolution, full colour OLED display module! Perfect for graphics, gauges, graphs, even make your own interactive display.


  • 16,384 full colour RGB pixels in a 128 x 128 format.
  • Rear mounted MicroSD card, accessible directly on the Arduino.
  • Active display area 28.8 x 26.8 mm, (1.5 inch diagonal.)
  • Removable mounting tabs with "wings" where you can mount optional LEDs and buttons.
  • Simple interface with Arduino compatible library, graphics and text functions plus examples.

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Power Supply Voltage (VCC) 3.3V-5.5V. Recommended 5V.
Logic Input Voltage (logic pins) 3.3V and 5V logic compatible (independent of VCC.)
Absolute Maximum Voltage

7V (VCC or any digital input pin.)

Digital Output (MISO pin from Micro SD slot)

3.3V logic.

Power Consumption

Unlike LCD displays, OLED displays use less power the less pixels are lit up.

Measurements taken with VCC = 5V, room temperature, default brightness and contrast settings.


Current Consumption Power Consumption
All black 4mA 20mW
"fonts_demo" example sketch 26mA 130mW
"lorem_ipsum" example sketch 72mA 360mW
"sprite" example sketch 7mA 35mW
All white 165mA 825mW
All red 99mA 495mW
All green 88mA 440mW
All blue 113mA 565mW

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