RFID Lock Shield Kit

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This shield allows your Arduino to control a door lock using an electric strike plate and one of a number of commonly-available RFID modules, and is based on the circuit described in the "RFID Access Control System" project in the book "Practical Arduino.

Note: Does not include the RFID reader module itself. You need to purchase that separately.

Supported reader modules include:

  • ID12
  • ID20
  • RDM630
  • RDM880
  • HF MultiTag


  • On-board 9V regulator to power Arduino from strike plate power supply.
  • Reset button wired through to Arduino reset pin.
  • Blue "Arduino power on" LED.
  • Green "External power supply on" LED.
  • Red "Strike plate activated" LED.
  • 100nF bypass/smoothing capacitors on 5V and 9V rails.
  • Overlay guide where you need it: both top and bottom.
  • Uses through-hole parts for easy assembly.


What's in the box?

  • Gold-plated Freetronics RFID Lock Shield PCB with overlay on both top and bottom.
  • All the required supporting parts.
  • The fully illustrated RFID Lock Shield Assembly Guide, which is also available online.