Thinker Shield

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Ideal for classroom projects and Arduino beginners! Plugs into a standard Arduino or compatible board such as our Eleven, and provides handy features for learning about Arduino and electronics.

This shield was developed in conjunction with Powerhouse Museum in Sydney (part of the Museum of Applied Arts & Sciences) for use in the workshops they run for young people, families, adults, teachers, professionals, and people with a disability.

Powerhouse Museum have created a fantastic project book to go with the shield, so you can download it below.


  • 6 green LEDs for output
  • Piezo sound element to play tones
  • Button for digital input
  • Light sensor analog input
  • Knob analog input
  • 4 digital input connections
  • 4 analog input connections
  • Static protection on all inputs
  • Large connection breakouts on the edge to connect alligator-clip jumper wires
  • Classroom documentation available as a PDF


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