March 14, 2010

PCBs for ProtoShield v3 and 433MHz receiver shield have shipped

I just received notification that the first batch of PCBs for v3.0 of the ProtoShield and the first ever version of the 433MHz receiver shield have shipped from PCBcart in China. I expect to see them late this week, and then I’ll be busy doing assembly with 0603 surface mount parts to get them ready to go on sale.

Yes, I really need to buy a stereo microscope!

In the meantime we’re clearing out the remaining stock of v1.0 and v2.0 ProtoShields that are left over from when I was working on Practical Arduino. There are only a few left so if you’re interested you should get in fast.

March 10, 2010

Freetronics is coming

After Practical Arduino came out we were surprised by how much demand there was for kits and other hardware associated with the book, so a cunning plan was hatched. Freetronics is the result. Stay tuned!