July 14, 2016

Build an Arduino Powered Coffee Cup Spy Camera

Did you ever dream of being a spy as a child? Do you have children who love to play as spies? Why not create your own coffee cup spy camera! The camera in the coffee cup is automatically triggered when the cup is tilted (as determined by an accelerometer), allowing you to discretely capture photographs or videos while looking like you are just sipping your coffee!

Coffee Cup

Apart from being a novel project, completing your own spy camera will help you learn how to interface between a TTL camera, SD card and Arduino. To get started on this project check out the instructions prepared by Steve Hobley.



If you are looking for a accelerometer to complete this project why not check out the Freetronics 3-Axis Accelerometer Module. The module has independent X,Y and Z axis outputs ready to connect directly into an Arduino. The module is quite small so it would be perfect to fit inside a coffee cup! To find out more and to order check out the product page.


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