October 11, 2013

Capture and analyse data from LaCrosse weather stations

After using a LaCrosse wireless weather station for several years, Arduino enthusiast Chris Kirmse was looking for a method to capture the data being transmitted from the sensors for further analysis and display. The solution to this problem came in the form of the book "Practical Arduino" by Freetronics co-founder Jon Oxer and Hugh Blemings. This includes a project which works with the LaCrosse weather station and a wireless data receiver sheild, which Chris used effectively to bring the data from the station and publish it on the Internet. Furthermore the project has been finished neatly and fitted inside a small enclosure:

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  If you're an experienced Arduino user and interested in more advanced Arduino projects and usage - get yourself a copy of "Practical Arduino" by Jonathan Oxer and Hugh Blemings: 

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