September 13, 2013

The NES - Nixie Entertainment System

An Arduino or compatible board can be found in all sorts of situations, and one interesting example is inside Bradley W. Lewis' NES. Not his old Nintendo, but instead a device known as the "Nixie Entertainment System". It's a NES emulator running on a Raspberry Pi - mounted inside an enclosure that replicates the look of the original NES. In place of what would normally be the cartridge slot is an Arduino-controlled Nixie tube clock, an interesting throwback to the previous century and helps the new NES span three decades of technology:

Overall it's a great use of a RPi to emulate classic games, Nixie tubes and looks much better than a simple plastic enclosure. For more information, visit Bradley's interesting website. And for more, we're on twitter and Google+, so follow us for news and product updates as well. 

If you're new to Arduino and want to join the fun, the first step is a solid board for your projects - our Freetronics Eleven - the Arduino-Uno compatible with low-profile USB socket, onboard prototyping space and easy to view LEDs: 


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