August 26, 2013

New from Freetronics - Security Sensor Shield

Today we're excited to announce the availability of our new fully-assembled Security Sensor Shield. It's a fantastic and simple method of connecting one to four passive infra-red detectors (or other sensors) to your Arduino-compatible board. The design is based on the circuit used in the "Security / Automation Sensors" project in the book Practical Arduino, so this shield is a perfect way to build that project very simply and easily without messing around with a prototyping shield and lots of jumper wires.

The full operation of the circuit including the EOL functionality is described in the book. Furthermore with full End-Of-Line (EOL) support to detect tampering with the sensors or cable, you can engineer all manner of intelligent security systems to meet your personal requirements.

It's a fantastic way to experiment with and utilise a wide range of sensors, so for more information and to order, please visit the shield page. And to keep up to date with our news, blog and upcoming new product announcements - follow us on twitter and Google+.

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