January 27, 2016

Build an interactive coin donation box with Arduino

Many community groups, hackerspaces, charity events and financially-strict households may have a donation or coin box to collect funds for drinks, fines or generally help save up those small coins - however they can often be quite dull.

To liven things up somewhat, Saiyam Agrawal has created a coin box with some fun interactivity - once a coin is inserted, a thank you sign is waved at the user which hopefully emits a feeling of goodwill and satisfaction.

Making your own is easy - with an ultrasonic distance sensor to detect the user, and a servo to wave after donation. Control is via Arduino and the whole project can be made in an hour or two. Check out the video below for a quick demonstration:

So if you're looking to liven up your money box or donation tin - click here to get started.

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